We take flyer distribution seriously.

Our staffs are all monitored through the hours through GPS and checkers who go around Singapore ensuring distribution is done properly, making sure they are distributing your flyers deligently. The time that we bill you for flyer distribution will be fully utilized.

1)We can afford 4 checkers in Singapore. North, Northeast. East and West due to many repeat customers who give us large volumes of flyer distribution every month. We distributed on an average of 1 million flyers per month in the Year 2015

2) We submit photos to clients during the course of distribution informing them that distribution has started

3) We submit report to clients once project is completed.

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Here are the things that you will need to decide before choosing our service.

One, decide on the distribution method you prefer. Here are some of the distribution methods we do.

Call us at 9XXX XXXX if you would like to clarify any of the methods.

HDB Door-to-door Distribution

Landed Door-to-door Distribution

Condo Distribution (Singapore Post Only)

Commercial Letterbox Drop

Car Drop

Walkway Handouts

Street or MRT Distribution Report Procedure

Daily Reports

We will be sending you a detailed report on the result of the day’s work at the end of the day and let you know some of the events we have observed i.e. people’s reaction, which areas are better for distribution, the timings where most amount of flyers were distributed, etc.)

Best Price Guaranteed

Highly cost effective prices – We will not be overcharging or over-quoting prices for our own sake. We will help you manage your costs and ensure you work within your set budget.

Reliability and Credibility (Zero Wastage Policy)

Because our services are monitored, you will not find distributors dumping your flyer into the bin, trashing it, giving out more than one to each person, etc. Such behavior is not tolerated under our policy and we ensure and guarantee this doesn’t happen.

Customized Distribution Planning

We will customize the place at which the distributors will be located at certain time of the day so that we maximize the foot traffic potential.



Designing Campaign Routes